Ultraviolet (UV) Sterilizers provide peace of mind that the water in your home is free from harmful bacteria (like e.Coli) and pathogens (like giardia and cryptosporidium).  Contamination of your well can occur for many reasons, including extreme weather, spring snow melts and run-off from agricultural activities.  Unlike chemical disinfection, UV can never overdose, has no effect on taste and odour, and no carcinogenic by-products are produced during the process.  UV systems have low operating costs and no tools are required for maintenance or lamp replacement.  

We use London, Ontario-based UV Dynamics Systems exclusively.  This LOCAL company is vertically-integrated as the only UV company that designs and manufactures the chamber and power supply for their systems.  Not only does this level of vertical integration result in a cost structure that enables the company to sell its products at prices which are competitive in the market but, more importantly, it enables them to closely integrate the design of all of the system components resulting in quality, full featured products which are inherently less costly to manufacture.

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