Chris Patriquin - My Water Guy and Paul Jenkins - STEGH Foundation 

"Chris is both a good person and a good corporate citizen. He "gets it" - mutually beneficial partnerships, social responsibility, the whole gamut of what any business should strive for. In short, he's a true and generous champion of our shared local community. It is easy and enjoyable working with Chris and I plan of continuing exactly that." - Paul Jenkins - Executive Director - STEGH Foundation


Simply Pure Water continually sponsors and supports many local initiatives.   We are proud Partners and Supporters of STEGH Foundation, which has just completed it's latest major project - The Great Expansion, ensuring that Our Hospital continues to be an industry leader in our Community!  Stay tuned for their next endeavour, as maintaining the high-quality health care our Community deserves requires ongoing investment and support.

If your non-profit group is looking for sponsorship or support, please contact Chris Patriquin via email at to discuss how we can help!